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Phase 2 Phonics

Phase 2 phonics starts to introduce the children to the 44 sounds that make up the English language. In Phase 2 the children will learn at least one of the spellings for the first 18 sounds of the 44 sounds. 

In this Phase the children will use what they have learnt in Phase 1 to help them to discriminate between the different sounds to be able to segment to spell words and they will use their skills for blending to read simple words using the sounds they have learnt. 

By the end of this Phase the children will be able to hear up to 3 sounds in a word, recognise spellings for each sound taught and be able to use these to write and read simple words. They will be able to use their skills to read decodable books with their sounds they have learnt in. 

Below is the order in which these sounds are taught, videos to show you how to pronounce the sound (shown by our children) and parent newsletters to support each sound at home. 


Order in which we will teach the spellings for the sounds in Phase 2 

Week 1   s   a   t   p   

Week 2  i   n   m  d 

Week 3  g   o   c   k

Week 4  ck  e   u   r  

Week 5  h   b    f   l 

Week 6  ll   ff   ss  

How do we pronounce each sound?

Let's ask the children

Parent Newsletters for each week of Phase 2 

 Parents-Newsletter-The-Basics-2-Group-1-Supersonic-non-Cursive (1).pdfDownload
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Updated July 2023