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Mini Leaders

During Autumn Term 1 2023, our Y5 class have undertook a six week UK Sports Leaders Accredited programme using the mnemonic PACE: 





to learn the skills, traits and responsibilities of becoming a young leader.



-To develop leadership skills and qualities in KS2 children.
-To implement extra-curricular activities run by the young leaders.
-To prepare children for the UK Sports Leaders pathway that can be continued in secondary education.
-To create role models in KS2 that can lead and inspire peers and younger children.



-6 Week block of Practical and Theory work.
Week Content
Week 1 Introduction to Course Classroom and Practical
Week 2 Participants Practical
Week 3 Area Practical
Week 4 Communication Practical
Week 5 Equipment Practical
Week 6 Re-Cap and Journal Completion Classroom



Learners are able to put PACE into practice under supervision to complete the following:

-Assisting leading peers of younger children
-Assist in leading their peers or younger children in an activity they are familiar with.
-Assist in leading an activity or game as part of a sports session or PE lesson.
-Assist in leading activities in the playground at lunchtime or break time.
– Assist at a sports club or out of school hours.
-Assist in leading an aspect of a larger event (for example delivering an activity as part of a sports day
or sports festival).
-Learners are able to log their coaching hours to build through the pathway of a Bronze, Silver and Gold