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"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all"


Chair welcome

 Dear Friends of The School,

What a wonderful summer it has been. We hope you are all well rested and prepared for the academic year ahead. The school has undergone a number of improvements over the summer which include additional fencing in the school grounds to ensure the safety of our school community and a new heating system throughout the school ready for the winter months.

Our plans to grow the school through the addition of a nursery are underway, the soft marketing has been encouraging and we excited for what the future holds.

This year we are filled with confidence that our team at Newbold will continue to nurture and cherish the children leading us to yet another successful year. The previous year saw many triumphs for us as a school, following our gaining a “Good” in our most recent Ofsted report, notably the Year 6 students showing astounding attainment, which set us above the national average.

This year our journey to becoming an “Outstanding” school continues with our investment in bespoke exercise books that bare our school logo, in the hope that our children will take increasingly more pride in the presentation of work they are producing. Another key part of this journey is the seamless implementation of our school improvement plan, based around an innovative ‘Global Goals Curriculum’, which as a Governing Body we are working alongside Mrs Marsh to achieve.

We maintain our close work with Derby Diocese Academy Trust (DDAT) to ensure that we harness all opportunities presented to the school.

Our Parents, Teachers and Friends association (PTFA) is an essential part of our school community and we hope that you will show support at events throughout the year, which further enrich pupils’ school experiences.

On behalf of the governing body and myself, we wish you a happy and fruitful year. As we move ever closer to our goal of becoming an “Outstanding” school, we anticipate you will want to stay informed along the way, so look out for our newsletters, text messages and our school website (

If you need to contact me please send a letter to The Chair of Governors, Newbold CofE Primary School, Cranborne Road, Newbold, Chesterfield, S41 8PF.

Until next time,


Pam Lister

Chair of Governors