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EYFS (Nursery and Reception) Snow day activities 

Bubbles in the Snow‚Äč

This works best when it is REALLY cold outside, well below freezing point.  Sometimes it can be cold enough for the bubbles to actually freeze and be covered in ice patterns.
Even if it is not that cold, the bubbles will stay for a while on the cold snow.
It is easy to make your own bubble mixture with washing-up liquid and water!

You could have 'races' to see whose bubble lasts the longest without popping.

Snow tracks and snow prints

Be a 'snow detective' and search for tracks in the snow.  Which creature might they belong to?

Or use some everyday objects to make your own prints. 

Winter Mark Making

Make marks / letters / words / numbers / pictures in the snow!  Using sticks or paintbrushes.

Can you use your phonics to help you? 

Story time 

Listen to the story  ‘The Snowy Day’.

Did you enjoy the story? Why?

Which character did you like? Why?

What are you going to do on your snowy day?

Y1 Snow Day Activities

Good morning Year 1, I hope you all enjoy your day in the snow. Here are some activities for you to do today...

1. The usual Mathletics homework has been set. There are also some games on the Mathletics website that you can play. How many Gold Certificates can we give out this week?

2. Write a description of the snow. Use these sentence starters...

The snow is...

The snow looks...

The snow feels...

3. Practise writing letters and numbers in the snow.

4.After you have been out in the cold, snuggle up with a warm drink and read with an adult.

5. Most of all, have lots of fun in the snow!

Y2 Snow Day Activities


Good morning everybody! Here are some activities for you to spend some time on today...


  1. Make sure that you have completed your weekly Mathletics homework. Once this has been finished, it will unlock a whole host of different options including extra activities, challenges and competitions. It would be fantastic if all of the activities based on money were completed.
  2. Log on to TTRS. You should all know your focus times table so please spend some time practising this as well as the corresponding divisions.
  3. Complete a page in your English paper homework book. Please continue from where you left off previously.
  4. Write a paragraph about what you can see outside today. Try and make your writing descriptive (using expanded noun phrases) and use lots of conjunctions (and, or, but, because, when, if).
  5. Have fun in the snow! Send lots of photos into school so that we can all have a look when back at school.



Y3 Snow Day Activities

Good morning.

Just a few  activities for you to do.

  1. Go on TTRockstars and try and improve your time.
  2. Go on Hit the Button and practise the times table you are working on.
  3. Complete the Mathsletics activities.
  4. Write a paragraph about the scene outside your window. Remember to use your senses in your writing What can you see, hear, smell, taste and touch? Try and add expanded noun phrases, alliterations and similes.
  5. Have fun in the snow. Make a snowman, snow angels and have a snowball fight. Send photos through to my email address and we will share them when we are back in school.

Y4 Snow Day Activities

Hello Year 4 - well, just look at all of this snow! I bet there are some excited faces looking out of the windows this morning! I hope that you all enjoy this 'Snow Day' and here are some activities that you can have a go at today:

  • On Mathletics and you could also log in to TTRS and do some times tables practice as well. Times tables practice is always a good idea for anyone! Or go on Hit the Button.
  • Snuggle up and read for a while - get a grown up to sign your reading record towards this term's reading challenge.
  • Write a snow poem, a diary entry of your snow day or a description of your garden/view outside your window on this beautiful, snowy day.
  • And last but not least, have some fun!!! Get outside and play in the snow and make some snow day memories. 

Take care everyone X

Updated February 2024

Y5 Snow Day Activities

Hello Year 5!  Hope you are all cosy inside, with plans to go and enjoy the snow later!


Today you can have a go at the following-

  • Outside in the snow build a snow creature.  Have a go at writing a descriptive paragraph using lots of wow words!
  • Write a free verse poem about what you have done or would like to do in the snow.
  • Maths - log in to TT rockstars and practice your times tables.
  • Go on to Mathletics and complete any homework that you may not have finished. Once completed, you will unlock a whole range of activities for you to choose from. Remember - the more activities you do the more points you earn.
  • Snuggle up with a good book .
  • 'Just be' in the snow !!

Y6 Snow Day Activities


Hello Y6. How amazing is it to see all this snow? We don't get many days of snow so make sure you make this one count!


  • Spend some time on TT Rockstars and see if you can get quicker at answering the questions. Challenge yourself to beat your previous score.
  • Go on Mathletics and complete any homework that you may not have finished. Once completed, you will unlock a whole range of activities for you to choose from. Remember - the more activities you do the more points you earn. 
  • Write a short diary extract about how you felt when you opened your eyes this morning and realised so much snow had fallen over night. 
  • FINALLY, and most importantly, take the opportunity to spend time outside enjoying the snow and making memories. Take lots of pictures of the fun that you have.