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Lunch with the Head Teacher to celebrate 100% attendance for academic year 2018 - 2019

The Lion King comes to Newbold Church School!

Y1 children swear a pledge to the USA as part of Diversity Week!!


Down at the bottom of the school field there has been some strange goings on ;   teachers scuttling around the wild plants ; caretakers cutting and sawing ; fire pits and rope ladders.  All this means that we now have a fully functional, very exciting, Forest School area!  This week the final part of all the hard work was delivered - our cabin in which we can store our Forest Schools kit, and where children can shelter in cases of bad weather.  The PTFA have worked tirelessly to fund raise enough money to purchase this fantastic feature, which all the children will benefit from during their termly Forest School Sessions.  Mrs Marsh has even contemplated moving her office there, in order to make the most of the peace and quiet!   A huge thank-you goes to the PTFA and all the parents who have contributed to the fundraising events.


On Friday 1st February all the children at Newbold Church School celebrated the festival of Candlemas.  Candlemas, or the presentation of Christ in the Temple, is celebrated in Church on the nearest Sunday to February 2nd. 

The day began in all our classes with a discussion about this little known festival.  Teachers centred on the theme of 'A Light For All', leading the children in discussions about the way in which Christians view Jesus as being 'The Light of the World.' 

The children moved quickly on to lots of active learning.  Most of the classes worked with clay to create tea lights.  In EYFS the children designed their own candles, and in Y1 the children created a dramatic retelling of the events.  In year 2 the children created a stained glass window effect of candles burning brightly.  The year 3 and year 6 children wrote acrostic poems, and in year 4 the children enjoyed singing along to the light themed songs that we often share as a school. 


Out next theme day is June 7th 2019, when we will be learning about Pentecost.