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"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all"


Coverage and Progression in Year 3


Drawing : Growing Artists

Developing an understanding of shading and drawing techniques to create botanical inspired drawings.

Painting and Mixed Media

Painting and mixed media: Prehistoric painting

Discovering how and why our ancient ancestors made art, experimenting with natural materials to make homemade paints and playing with scale to paint on a range of surfaces.

Sculpture and 3D

Sculpture and 3d : Abstract Shape and Space

To Follow ....

Craft and Design

Craft and design: Ancient Egyptian scrolls

Developing design and craft skills taking inspiration from Ancient Egyptian art and pattern and paper making. 

Year 3 Associated Vocabulary

Drawing - Growing artists

We learnt all about the artist Max Ernst and created our own 'frottage' pieces of art using texture rubbings to create nature inspired artwork.

We also created our own botanical drawings from observations, applying techniques to add tone and form to shapes before exploring scale and composition to create abstract drawings of flowers inspired by Gillian O'Keeffe and Maud Purdy.