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"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all"


Y1 Autumn Half-term 2 2023


In maths we have been learning all about subtraction. We have been using the part whole model to help us with our equations. In order to work out where in the equation the whole and the parts appear, we used white boards to move these around and think about if the equation works. This helped us to understand that the whole in the model always goes at the start of the subtraction equation, which differs to the addition equation. 


The children have started their first History unit by looking at their own history. We looked at how we had changed from babies, through Reception and into Year 1 and considered some of the celebrations we have been through in these years. 

Next, we looked at how children celebrated birthdays in the 1960's. We compared their clothes, food, party decorations, technology and toys. The children all considered how they were the same or different. We then had a play with some toys from the past and considered how they differ to those we have in class today. 


In our science lessons we have been exploring materials. This week we explored whether a material was good for absorbing water or not. We performed a science experiment to test out our theories. 

Library Visit 

Our second trip to the library was a great success. The children returned their books and used their cards to independently take out another book each. The children explored fact and fiction books as well as some children looking at longer reads!

Anti-bullying Week 

Today we welcomed our parents in to share in our Anti-bullying Week. The children sat with their parents and family members and designed a sock for Odd Socks day, then filled out a Megaphone with who they would tell if they were being bullied. The children (and parents) were very proud of their designs! 

Introduction to Curious Quests!

The children have joined a Curious Quest. This is an extension of the Drawing Club they started in Reception. Today we opened our Magic Mustard Tin and discovered Professor Klunk has sent us messages. 

We started our quest by thinking about what we thought Professor Klunk looked like. He is a mystery character. 

The children drew pictures of who they thought Professor Klunk was, then using adjectives in their writing, they wrote a description of the Professor. Here are some. 

Year One go to the library

Today was our first trip to the local library. We met the librarian and learnt which books were where so we could find them on our own. When we had looked at some of the many books in the different sections, the children with library cards chose a book to take home and share with their families. We even checked them out on our own!