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"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all"


Y1 Summer Half-term 1 2024

Spanish Day 17-04-24

As part of the school's Spanish Day, Year 1 looked at Mexico! The children dressed in the colours of the Mexican flag, tried tortilla chips and salsa, made festival masks and floats for a school parade and learnt lots of new facts about Mexico. 

The children used the facts they had learnt to write a fact file for Mexico, to tell others some fun facts about this country. 

The children also were lucky enough to take part in a Spanish dancing lesson! Look at their moves!


Geography Fieldwork

As part of our new Geography unit; What is it like to live in Shanghai; today we conducted our first piece of fieldwork. In this work we needed to look for Human and Physical Features of our own neighbourhood. Human features are those which as humans, we have created. Physical features are those that are natural. 

We walked up to the library, stopping on our way to take photos of our team bears in different places. The children had to work out if

the feature was physical or human and use the correct label in our photo. We worked in our teams to decide together and used our class

ipads to take photos of these. 


Understanding the Structure of a Plant

Our focus this term in Science is the structure of, and classification of plants. The children built on their previous learning about the

basic structure of a flowering plant by dissecting a flower. The children sorted the plant parts into flower (or petals), stem and leaves.

Author of our Term 

The Author we have chosen to look at this term is Quentin Blake.