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"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all"


Page for Reception 




Autumn Term



Owl Babies

Our story map

We made owls out of clay

Peace at last 

Our story map

The Colour Monster goes to school

Our story map

Learning about our bodies

We learnt all about our lungs, heart and stomach

Autumn walks, pictures and fun! 

We love being outside

Remembrance Day

We will remember them

Leaf Man

We made our own Leaf Man pictures and we also created a story map to remind us of the story.

New role play areas

We have new role play areas, Percy the Park Keeper's shed and Father Christmas' cottage

Night Monkey, Day Monkey 

Our Venn diagram of the same and different things the Night Monkey and Day Monkey saw and our story map

Percy the Park Keeper: After the storm

We've made autumnal animals out of pine cones and we have enjoyed playing in Percy's Shed

Spring Term


Percy the Park Keeper: The Snowy Night

We drew plans for how we thought Percy's new shed should look like, then we made models from our plans!

We like to take our phonics outside when we can. Here we looked for CVC words in the frost!


We listened to the children's interests and decided we wanted to look at dinosaurs and learn all about the prehistoric era.  

Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs

The dinosaur that pooped the past