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Computing Overview


Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Autumn 1

Using the internet to find information – Amazon Rainforest

Powerpoint presentations – Ancient Greece

 Analyzing and evaluating information – climate action

 Using a VBA code to create games in Powerpoint

Autumn 2

Word processing/

touch typing

Newspaper reports De-forestation

Data handling – branching databases

3D modelling

Understanding how search engines rank results, advanced searches, bias and copyright

Spring 1

Graphics – tribal Art

Animations – linked to Romans

Digital imagery

Creating and manipulating digital images

Spring 2

Data handling – Ancient Egyptian database

Data transfer and e-mail

Spreadsheets – linked to Ernest Shackleton

Programming – converting algorithm into code, reading a flow chart, subtracting from a variable

Summer 1

Creating music – Tomb Raider

Programming – using if/then statements, loops and variables (link to Rivers)

Using hyperlinks, action buttons and animations in Powerpoint to create games

Summer 2

Algorithms and programming using: repetition, abstraction and generalisation

Sonic Pi – music as code

Programming using if/then/else statements, random selection and broadcast/receive

Create own websites using HTML