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2023 / 2024 DT Gallery


Reception- Autumn Half-term 1 

                                    Making a junk box model house                                   

This term the reception children have explored tinkering with different materials & junk box modelling. The children have experimented with joining techniques to create their own unique house. 

 We first explored the different materials & junk box modelling we had gathered discussing how they could be used to represent different parts of a house. 

The children had a practise of their cutting skills, exploring the different types of scissors available, cutting small snips, long lines and zigzag lines. 

We then began to build our own houses using ideas we had seen and had discussed in small groups. The children got stuck in! They joined their chimneys using various techniques, decorated their houses with multiple resources & some children even used their cutting skills to cut windows and doors into their house. 

Year One - Autumn Half-term 1 

Making a moving story-book

The year one children have been exploring how a simple slider mechanism works and how we can use this to moved items up and down and left to right. 

The children made different items, including a rabbit in a hat, cars moving along a street and a Humpty Dumpty story book. 

We learnt how to cut lines in card as well as add guides to our sliders to stop them moving too far. 

Finally, we thought about our design and what elements we like, which we dislike and how we could improve it further. 

Updated November 2023