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"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all"


Getting ready for Nursery: Tips for Parents


Self -care

  • I know when to wash my hands 
  • I can put on my own coat
  • I can wipe my nose 
  • I can ask for help 

Speaking and Literacy

  • I am interested in listening to stories and looking at picture books
  • I beginning to be able to talk about myself, my needs and feelings 
  • I am beginning to be able to recognise my name when it is written down

Getting dressed and undressed on my own

  • I am trying hard to button and unbutton my clothes
  • I can put my own shoes and socks on
  • I can put my own coat on and beginning to use the zip

Going to the toilet 

  • I can go to the toilet on my own, wipe myself properly and flush the toilet.
  • I  can wash and dry my hands 

Sharing and turn taking 

  • I can share toys and take turns 
  • I can interact with other children 
  • I can play games with other children 

Counting Skills 

  • I like saying number rhymes and playing counting games
  • I am starting to count objects 
  • I can recognise some colours

Listening and Understanding 

  • I am able to sit and listen for a short while 
  • I can follow a simple instruction 

Updated August 2023